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Rounded Rectangle: Choose A, B, C, or D for the correct answer.Alokasi waktu            : 60 menit

This dialog is for the questions 1 and 2.
Romi : Did you know Arlinda? She is your old friend, isn’t she?
Dewi : Yes, she was my classmate at elementary school. What’s up?
Romi : She called you last night, but you were a sleep.
Dewi : Why didn’t you wake me up.
Romi : I didn’t want to disturb you.
Dewi : What did she say then?
Romi : You are invited to a reunion party next Sunday.

1.      Who is Arlinda?
A. Dewi’s classmate.
B. Dewi’s penpal.
C. Dewi’s old friend.
D. Dewi’s schoolmate.

2.      Why did Arlinda call Dewi?
A. She invited Dewi to her birthday party.
B. She invited Dewi to a reunion party.
C. She wanted to meet Dewi.
D. She missed Dewi.
      3. Text for No.3 to 4

Horizontal Scroll: Dear Fatmi
I would like to say 
HaPPy BiRthDaY
On August 3rd-August 3rd 2008
My love 2 U your birthday & many happy return of the day
Wish you all the best
Izzatil Rahmi

3.      The text above is...
A.    An invitation                                 D. A post card
B.     A greeting card                             E. An invitation letter
4.      How old is Fatmi now?
A.    Eighteen years old                        C. Thirty eight years old
B.     Twenty eight years old                 D. Eighty years old

Rounded Rectangle:   To : Ms. Nofrida 
  Come and join us at the grand opening of my boutique
  On Saturday, August 18, 2012-08-30
  At 7 p.m
  At Beauty Boutique, Jalan Armada no. 206 Jakarta
  Get interesting doorprizes, merchandise at low prices     and many vouchers.
This text is for questions 8 and 9

5.      Who owns the Beauty Boutique?
A.    Ms. Betty
B.     Ms. Nofrida
C.     Ms. Nofrida and Betty
D.    Ms. Nofrida and Betty’s friend.
6.      The guests may get the following in the grand opening of the boutique, EXCEPT

A.    Vouchers
B.     Discounts
C.     Doorprise
D.    Merchandise

7.      Wahyu : You look very busy, Dad.

Mr. Norman : No, thanks. I can manage it myself.
A. Is there anything you can do to help me?
B. Would you like some assistance?
C. Can you help me, please?
D. Will you do me a favor?
       8.  Stefi                : What a delicious sausage!
          Mrs. Morgan     : Thank you, Stefi
          Stefi                  :
          Mrs. Morgan     : Sure, help yourself
          Stefi                  : Thanks, Mom.
          Mrs. Morgan     : Don’t mention it.
          A. Can I try it on?
          B. May I help you?
          C. Did you cook it by yourself?
          D. Can I have some more?

Rounded Rectangle: This  dialog is for questions 7 to 9
Woman 	: Devon are you free this afternoon?
Boy 	: Yes, Mom. Is there anything I can do for you?
Woman 	: Yes, please. Could you take me to Ms. Rahita’s house? I want to give her this invitation
Boy 		: Sure, Mom.
Woman	: Thanks, dear.
Boy 		: My pleasure.

9. The woman says, “ Could you take me to Ms. Rahita’s house?” What does it mean?
A. She offers help.
B. She wants to help.
C. She ask for help.
D. She asks for information.
10. Who is talking in the dialog?
A. A student and his teacher.
B. A boy and his mother.
C. A daughter and her father..
D. Two students.
11. What will the woman give to Ms. Rahita?
A. An invitation.
B. A proposal.
C. A business letter.
D. An announcement.
12. Koko : Have you finished you report?
      Reno   : Not yet.
     Koko   :
     Reno    : of course. I’ll be very happy then.
A.    What can I do for you
B.     Would you like to me help you?
C.     Can you do something for me?
D.    Is there something you can do for me.
      13. Mitha   : Aunt Ina. Can I help you with the sewing?
            Aunt    :                                                    . How kind of you.
A.    I don’t need it.                              C. I’m sorry   
B.     Thank you                                      D. Don’t worry
Text Box: This dialog is for 14 and 15.
Woman 	: Exusme. Can you help me, please?
Man 		: Sure. What can I do for you?	
Woman 	: Can you fix my motorbike? I couldn’t    start it
Man 		: Well, let me see. I hope I can fix it
Woman 	: Thank you

            The dialog is about...........
A.    A man who offers help
B.     A woman who needs help
C.     A man who needs help
D.    A woman who offers help
      15. What does the man say when he helps the woman?
            A. I couldn’t turn it on.
            B. Can you help me, please?
            D. What can I do to help you?
            D. Well, let me see. I hope I can fix it.
            This dialog is for questions 16 and 18
            Dodi : What do you think of the dress?
            Tina  : I think it is comfortable to wear and the design is beautiful.
Dodi : You are right. The price is also cheap. But I think it’s rather old-fashioned
Tina  : I don’t know about that, but if you really like it, you can ask mother  to alter it.
            Dodi : Good idea, but I think mother is quite busy now.
            Tina  : If  that’s the case , you should choose another dress then.
            Dodi : I think so.
            16. The text above is.....?
            A. An invitation                                  C. Giving help
            B. Asking and giving Opinion            D. Declining an invitation
            17. The following is what Nia thinks of the dress, EXCEPT............
            A. it is comfortable to wear                C. It is cheap
            B. the design is beautiful                    D. It is fashionable
            18. What will Nia do next?
            A. Ask her mother to alter the dress
            B. Go home and do not buy any dress
            C. Choose another dress
            D. Put the dress on
            19. Which expression is used to ask opinion...?
            A. Good idea                                      C. What do you think
            B. I think so                                        D. You are right
            20. What expression Dodi say in line 5...?
            A. I think so                                        C. I don’t know
            B. You are right                                  D. Good idea

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